Steel Fabrication & Welding Services

Generations of Ironwork

With three generations of ironworkers spanning over 60 years, the Sanchez family has honed their craft and trade. Raul Sanchez’s father started welding in the late 1950’s, and when Raul turned 15 his father taught him how to weld. At the age of 18, Raul Sanchez started what is now S.R. Iron. Raul’s two sons, Carlos and Ray, now help run the company – it is a true family business.





Mission Statement

As a family-run company, we strive to exceed your expectations through our first-rate steel fabrication services, consistent communication, reliability and strong company-wide work ethic.

Latest Work

We pride ourselves on our work and want you to feel the same way. From working within the OSHPD parameters to fabricating architecturally exposed structural steel, we always have an exciting project on our hands and hope you are our next.

At one point in time, architects rarely exposed steel beams, but they have become increasingly transparent in their design concepts. Keeping structural steel beams exposed creates a strong and modern aesthetic while showcasing the structural system that supports the building